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About us

ADVANTUS is an enterprise providing personnel services for businesses.

Advantus company group operates in the Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

ADVANTUS brand name is derived from an English word “Advantage”. Advantus logo states “Personnel Advantage” as people working here create an advantage for our clients and customers.

Our mission – to serve as a bridge that operatively connects employers and those who wish to work, together.

This mission is implemented in many ways. After discussing your company’s needs, we select and provide individual services or a multi-solution – a combination of personnel services from our service list. In this way we optimize the costs of your personnel management.

ADVANTUS operations and sales are increasing each year from its establishment in 2007. In 2016, JSC “Advantus” sales have peaked over 3.8 million euros. Currently there are four ADVANTUS branches in the major cities of Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Panevėžys.

ADVANTUS provides the following services in the Baltic region:

  • Temporary employment (personnel hiring services);
  • Recruitment and personnel selection;
  • Specialists for projects (selection from our database and/or temporary employment);
  • Employee testing and evaluation services;
  • Firing consultations (“Outplacement” or consultation of persons involuntarily changing career);
  • Career change consultations;
  • Recruitment in other countries: the process is carried out by Advantus Group companies in the Baltic countries and in cooperation with ADECCO (adecco.com), in others.

ADVANTUS has solid experience in the selection of high and mid-level executives, managers and specialists (technicians, engineers, financiers and trade specialists), as well as personnel of all levels (including highly-skilled and unskilled workers).

Advantus personnel database is ever expanding. New entries are constantly added by candidates seeking long-term work as well as those working in Advantus as temporary personnel, of whom Advantus employs several thousand a year in Lithuania alone. Therefore, resumes contained within the Advantus database are supplemented with valuable practical feedback regarding the quality of work when working for our customers.



The ADVANTUS team was formed in 2005 in Vilnius during the establishment of JSC ADECCO – a company belonging to the global personnel solutions leader ADECCO (www.adecco.com) group. In the spring of 2007, ADECCO group, having decided to continue expanding their influence in the market of Baltic countries through local partners rather than their own companies, withdrew and JSC ADECCO team became the staff of JSC ADVANTUS and continued with the same activities.
History of Development:

ADVANTUS UAB in Lithuania:
Vilnius division – since 2007;
Klaipėda division – since 2007;
Kaunas division – since 2012;
Panevėžys division – since 2013;

In Riga – since 2014.

ADVANTUS OU in Estonia:
In Tallinn – since 2015.

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