Our partners:

We are partners with the global leader in personnel solutions Adecco in the Baltic countries. The main company of Adecco group is registered in Switzerland as Adecco SA, which is within the 500 largest companies according to the list of “Forbes”. Many employees, working in 7000 offices, operating within 60 countries, offer hundreds of thousands of clients the capability to find short and long-term staff they need, and for millions of people – the capability to plan their career and find better work perspectives.


We are partnered with Profiles International. This company is a leader in its field, creating business environment adapted personnel evaluation methods. The company offers a wide spectrum of contemporary evaluation methodologies, helping employers effectively control human resources from selection and employment to education and career planning. Particularly useful is the evaluation methodology which is based on evaluated person’s cognitive abilities, personal traits, interests, approach style, leadership skills analysis and their compatibility with the requirements for a specific job. It is a measure meant to create a stronger, more effective organization, with the main principle of this methodology being – right people for the job.


Advantus is the partner of Lee Hecht Harrison (www.LHH.com) in the Baltic countries and is working with outplacement, which is, consulting of personnel that must involuntarily change career, using consulting methodologies by Lee Hecht Harrison. These are programs and consultations geared toward specialists and managers that are being laid off. The main purpose of this program is helping the participants with the development of capabilities to choose the most appropriate career path and/or find appropriate work. We also aid personnel that voluntarily choose to change place of work to achieve their career goals.

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