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For employers

The goal of ADVANTUS is long-term cooperation, which we seek to secure through acquiring deep understanding of your needs and the quality of our services. We believe that international experience, flexibility, attentive approach to undertaken responsibilities and thorough understanding of various business specifics will be a solid foundation for cooperation in various personnel solutions projects.

We are easy to work with!
Whenever a need for staff arises, you only need to notify ADVANTUS of how many, for what tasks, of which specialty and for what timeframe is it that you require staff, and on the day agreed ADVANTUS personnel will begin their work in your company.

We will take care of everything!
Your tasks – our staff. ADVANTUS selects appropriate personnel, makes work agreements, makes sure payment of wages and taxes are on time, and also administrates all relevant documentation. Advantus has been conducting temporary employment projects for more than 10 years and has accrued a great deal of experience in the field of staffing services.

We care for personnel!
We care for those who work here. The foundation of our cooperation is made of commitment, clarity and trust. We share this relationship with both our clients and our staff – both long-term and temporary.

We have the personnel you need!
Every day in our company ADVANTUS JSC there are about 500 specialists of a wide spectrum at work. A part of them are working on long-term tasks set by our clients, another part – short-term tasks. Such staff, after completing agreed upon tasks, can start working in your company. This is the most effective way to fill surplus job positions in your company. If appropriate personnel cannot be found within ADVANTUS database, we will invoke the most appropriate search methods and find the required number of personnel.

We are committed to quality!
If the qualification, responsibility, motivation or approach to handling a task does not meet the requirements of the Client, ADVANTUS will replace the worker. A replacement worker will also be provided in case of a worker’s absence due illness.

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