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Personnel search and selection

ADVANTUS is an enterprise providing personnel services for businesses.
Companies of the Advantus group conduct personnel search and selection projects in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

ADVANTUS has a solid experience in the selection of high and mid-level executives, managers and specialists (technicians, engineers, financers and trade specialists), as well as personnel of all levels (including skilled and unskilled labour).

Advantus personnel database is ever expanding, new entries are constantly added by candidates seeking long-term work as well as those working in Advantus as temporary personnel, of whom Advantus employs several thousand a year in Lithuania alone. Resumes contained within the Advantus database, therefore, are constantly supplemented with valuable practical feedback regarding the quality of work when working for our customers.

Advantus personnel selection services includes:

– Preparation and coordination of job advertisements and their distribution online (no additional cost to set personnel selection service cost);
– Candidate search within the Advantus database as well as others (CV-Online, CVBankas);
– Registration and review of received resumes and adjudication of skills and experience;
– Telephone interviews with candidates: provision of information on the work position and gathering of more accurate information on the candidates;
– If it is determined in a specific contract of the selection project, Advantus conducts a direct search (headhunting).
– Advantus conducts comprehensive interviews with candidates and submits a list of candidates that meet the requirements to the Client.
– Assessment of abilities and character traits of prospective candidates (for an additional fee, as provided in the agreement). Evaluation methodology is based on evaluated person’s cognitive abilities, personal traits, interests, approach style, leadership skills analysis and their compatibility with the requirements for a specific job.
– Selected candidates’ provided references check.
– Advantus provides a guarantee of quality for its personnel selection services (more information provided in the agreement).

We will gladly provide more information on questions of your interest or schedule for a meeting!

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