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Temporary staffing

We offer temporary employment services (staff rent) throughout Lithuania, Riga and Tallinn, and upon request, in other locations as well.

Temporary employment (staff rent) is a flexible form of work, when Advantus personnel conducts work for the Client at a workplace of the Client and under the Client’s management. The timeframe of temporary employment (staff rent) can vary from several days to several years. Personnel is selected from the current Advantus database, according to the requirements of the Client. If there is a need, we conduct a search for additional personnel, but hold a preference towards personnel currently employed by us who are previously tested and trusted.

In the case of an increased workload in your company, all you need is to inform ADVANTUS of how many, for what tasks, of which specialty and for what timeframe is it that you require staff, and on the day agreed ADVANTUS personnel will begin their work in your company.
If the qualification, responsibility, motivation or approach to handling a task does not meet the requirements of the Client, ADVANTUS will replace the worker. A replacement worker will also be provided in case of a worker’s absence due illness.

Temporary employment (staff rent) is handy in cases, when:

  • there is a change in workload, i.e. seasonal workload changes;
  • periodic need for new staff;
  • having new and unexpected orders without having the time to expand your own team;
  • if certain division’s headcount limits the hiring of new employees;
  • specialists are required for a limited term to fulfill certain projects;
  • a need arises to replace employees that are on paid, educational, maternity or childcare leave;
  • a longer than 3 months “try and hire” probationary period of employment is necessary.;

We will gladly provide more information on questions of your interest or schedule for a meeting!

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